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  • 360 Electric Floor Brush (120v) (EBK 360)

    Wessel-Werk EBK 360 Electric Brush; Electric Floor Brush features the following:

    *14″ Brush roll with edge to edge cleaning (brush is replaceable)
    *Quick release wand (wand is NOT included) Please see the option above to order a wand with the power head.
    *LED Headlight
    *Height adjustable
    *Cogged belt drive
    *Locking handle

    **This power head is designed to only work with the Wessel-Werk wand and a Plastiflex hose.  The CenTec Soft Grip hose in the non-recessed position will also work.  Please visit the DIY section to see how to change your CenTec Soft Grip hose to work with this power head.

    **This electric powered floor brush will NOT fit the Hayden hose. If you have a Hayden hose or you do not see your hose handle in the pictures, please call us for help

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    Product Code: CVT-01-EE-1400
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