Central Vacuum Power Brush

Since the 1950’s CentralVac has provided homeowners with the latest and greatest in built-in vacuum technology. From powerful motors to innovative accessories, CentralVac systems offer the perfect solution for any cleaning need, no matter the task. With a central vacuum power brush from CentralVac, effective, thorough cleaning has never been easier.

Air Powered Brushes

These brush designs use low-voltage power to channel the suction and airflow through a small, built-in tube. Ideal for hard surfaces and short carpets, these brushes are great for picking up dirt and small debris. Designs include:

  • Air Powered Handheld Brush: This easy-to-use, wide-mouth brush is perfect for vacuuming cars, stairs and furniture.
  • Premiere Air Powered Floor Brush: Good for bigger surfaces, this 12-inch turbine-powered brush comes with a rubber bumper and automatic height adjustment.
  • TurboCat EX Air Powered Floor Tool: Perfect for carpeted areas, this 12-inch brush includes a V belt for quiet, effective operation.
  • TurboCat Air Powered Handheld Brush: This small 6-inch brush offers easy handling and intense power perfect for cleaning hard-to-reach areas.

Electric Powered Brushes

Unlike air-powered brushes, electric powered brushes use a motor to assist the brush spin. Because the brush isn’t using suction to operate the brush, more suction and better airflow leave deep carpets looking clean and groomed. Designs include:

  • 360 Soft Clean Electric Powered Floor Brush: With an LED headlight, soft rubber non scratching wheels and a 5 point height adjustment, this 14” brush offers clog-free, edge-to-edge cleaning and is available with an optional quick release wand.
  • 280 Complete Electric Powered Floor Brush: This 11-inch brush comes with 4 rubber molded wheels which will not scratch your floor, low profile cleaning and light weight, a quiet drive belt and a optional telescoping quick release wand to make cleaning easy.
  • 160 Handheld Electric Powered Floor Brush: This handheld brush is great for small cleaning jobs like stairs and furniture.  With an optional stub tube for easy attach ability to your hose, this little brush packs a big punch.

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