Why Buy a CentralVac?

Cost Effective

The cost of a CentralVac is surprisingly low. The installed cost of a CentralVac built-in vacuum system is comparable to the price of a good portable sweeper. Since the average family buys a new portable sweeper once every five to seven years, you can see that the CentralVac, which lasts 25 to 35 years or more, is very cost effective. CentralVac also adds value to your home-value you get back when it’s time to sell.

It adds up to this: You can enjoy a cleaner, healthier home and spend less time cleaning, or you can buy a bulky, noisy, hard-to-store portable that spews dust, pollen and bacteria through the living areas of your home.

When you consider the costs and the benefits, CentralVac is your best buy.

CentralVac is your only real choice.


Good, clean indoor air quality is essential to a healthy life. A built-in vacuum system exhausts germs, mites, cat hair, and bacteria, brought into the home as unwanted passengers on dust and dirt.

No Recirculation of Dust

There is absolutely no recirculation of dust in the home. Dirt and dust are carried outside the home to the remotely located collection center, eliminating the problem of redusting after each cleaning.

More Power

People choose CentralVac because it does a better job. It’s as simple as that. More power is the key. Because the CentralVac is mounted on a wall, unlike portable vacuums, there’s no size or weight limit. The motor can be, and is, much more powerful. Added power means you clean deeper. You remove more dirt and dust, and do it faster.


The power unit is located outside the living area of a home, in a garage, basement, utility room, so there is no motor noise in the living area of a home. You can listen to the radio or TV, hear the doorbell ring, or the baby cry.

Industrial Design

By having the motor and dust collector separated, the motor isn’t exposed to the vacuum dust and debris. The motor runs cooler and lasts longer.

Ease of Use

Moving from one area to another is a breeze. Stairs are easily maneuvered without the canister to haul around. Quickly dusting in high places is a snap. There are fewer chips, scrapes, and scratches on your furniture.

The cleaning hose is 30-foot long, and is made of lightweight plastic. It glides easily behind you, and can be walked upon, tied in a knot or otherwise misused, but will immediately resume its original shape. With this hose, you can clean a 60-foot diameter area, which is typically two to four rooms, from one inlet valve located in a hallway or near a doorway.


Can I install a CentralVac by myself?

Yes, if you have some remodeling or construction experience. A typical new or existing installation takes about one weekend, and you are ready to clean.