Central Vacuum Filters

Get the most from your CentralVac system with our CentralVac filters. Our central vacuum filters are ideal for trapping dust and fine particles from your carpet — and keeping them out of your environment. Don't trust your vacuuming to just any system. For almost 70 years, CentralVac has made a name as an industry leader by providing exceptional service, quality products and affordable central vacuum systems. Shop our CentralVac filters today and discover the difference CentralVac can make.

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Let CentralVac Filters Make Your Home Cleaner and Healthier

You can trust CentralVac filters to keep your CentralVac system running in top condition. Working together, our cloth and paper central vacuum filters will remove and trap more dust and debris, creating a healthier environment in your home. If you have anyone with allergy issues in your home, these filters will help provide much-needed relief.

For nearly seven decades, CentralVac has been the industry leader with high-quality, affordable central vacuum systems for any home. We work hard to earn your trust and maintain our status as the No. 1 central vac supplier in the US.

Count on Our Central Vacuum Filters to Protect Your Environment

We offer a range of central vacuum filter replacements to keep your CentralVac system running smoothly. Our CentralVac filters provide different levels of filtering capabilities and work together to provide optimal results.

  1. Our premium 1st Stage filter bags are thicker and made from higher quality material than other sellers' bags.
  2. Our 2nd Stage cloth filter is made of Filtex fibers and filters out fine dust particles.
  3. Our 4th Stage exhaust central vacuum filter is a two-layer, anti-allergic filter that attaches to the exhaust of any central vacuum and removes particles down to 1 micron.

Frequently Asked Questions About Central Vacuum Filters

We understand that keeping the air in your home cleaner using central vacuum filters is a high priority for you and your family. You want to make sure you are using the right system and the right central vacuum system filters, so we have answered some common questions about CentralVac filters.

Why Does the CentralVac System Use Replaceable Paper Central Vacuum Filters?

We use replaceable paper filters to ensure that no dust or debris makes its way through our CentralVac system. This helps ensure a cleaner, healthier environment and helps your vacuum motor have a longer life.

How Often Should I Change My Central Vacuum Filter?

CentralVac recommends our 1st Stage central vacuum filters be changed every 3-4 months, depending on the amount of use of your vacuum system. Our 2nd Stage filter should last 5-7 years.

What If I Need to Return My Central Vacuum System Filters?

CentralVac is happy to accept returns and issue a refund – minus shipping costs – if you contact our team within five days of receiving your product. Please reach out to us for a Return Merchant Authorization (RMA) number before sending the product back to us. If the RMA number is not written on the outside of your return box, we will not accept your return and you will not receive your refund.

Trust CentralVac for the Best Central Vacuum Filters

CentralVac is the original and best central vacuum system available on the market. Our central vacuum filters are essential parts of the system, keeping your motor clean and running well, while also filtering dust and other debris out of your environment. Try a CentralVac system and discover the difference we can make. Browse our online store today!

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