Installation Guide

Download our comprehensive CentralVac Installation guide to walk you through step by step on planning and installing your built-in vacuum. The process is easy in both new construction as well as retrofitting an existing structure. Most jobs can be finished in a few hours. Our comprehensive guide has helped thousands of home owners plan and install their own built-in vacuum system. And remember, our trained and experienced technical staff is only a quick phone call away to answer any questions that you may have.

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Operations Manual

Download our CentralVac 120 Volts Power Unit Operations Manual. This guide assists you with questions covering all CentralVac International Units.

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Help Designing a CentralVac System on Your Architectural Plans

Our trained and experienced technical staff can help you layout your system on your architectural plans. Every home should have the benefits of a CentralVac. Please contact one of our technical staff members to get the process started. We can design a system custom-fit to your needs, so you can enjoy the benefits of a CentralVac.

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Power Unit Brochure

Choose a 120 Volt power unit in either Double or Single Unit options.

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Plastiflex Pigtail to Direct Connect Conversion

See the PDF via the link below on how to change your Plastiflex hose from Pigtail to Direct Connect or from Direct Connect to Pigtail.

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CenTec Hose “Soft Grip” Handle Conversion – Recessed to Flush (Plastiflex)

Please visit the link below to see how to change your CenTec Soft Grip hose over to work with Plastiflex wands.

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Hose/Wand Application

Our Hose/Wand application chart will help when to determine hose and wand you have or need to purchase. If the item is not listed on our Web site, please call us toll-free at (800) 666-3133 for assistance.

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Vaculet Conversion

Download information on how to change your vaculet inlet to our new low voltage inlets. Typically you would need a low voltage inlet along with a trim plat cover to cover any extra holes or spaces in the wall.

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VacPan Installation Instructions

Download installation instructions on how to install a Vacpan in your house and/or building.

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VacuSweep Installation Instructions

Download installation instructions on how to install a VacuSweep in your house and/or building.

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Vacuum Hose Sock Installation Instructions

Download instructions on how to install a hose sock on a central vacuum hose. It doesn’t matter if it’s a direct connect, pigtail, low voltage or no voltage hose. We have 30 and 35 ft. hose socks available for purchase.

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Why Retrofit?

Why to buy a CentralVac system and the benefits of having it installed in your home of office.

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Find a Dealer

If you would like one of our local Factory Authorized Dealers to handle design and installation of your system, please contact us.

Tornado Power Cloths – Central Vacuum Maintenance Cloths

Tornado Power Do it Yourself Central Vacuum Maintenance Cloths

  • Cleans the entire vac system. As the cloth makes it way through the pipes, it helps wipe down the walls of system tubing, while also pushing any dirt and debris through the system and into the garage unit, ensuring a clean and trouble-free system.
  • Tests system efficiency. If cloth makes its way into the dirt receptacle, system tests ok. If it does not, there may be a problem with the system.
  • Maintains the entire system. Regular use helps keep system free from debris that can lead to a loss in performance or a blockage (and a service call).
  • Deodorizes the entire system. The cloth’s fresh scent leaves the hose, pipes and canister smelling clean. Exhausted air also smells fresh and clean.
  • Low cost. TORNADOPOWER cloths are the do-it-yourself solution that costs pennies to use, but can save a customer hundreds of dollars in potential repairs/service.

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