I have to tell you, you people have the best product on the market–wish all my appliances lasted and worked like my CentralVac International built in vac!

Paul in Mission Viejo, CA

Your vacuum is the best that I have seen. I previously owned a competitor but I got rid of it and now have a CentralVac. It has been in use for about 5 years now and I love it. I especially love the powerbrush. It is so quiet and it gets all the dirt out every time I use it.

Matt in California

I just wanted to let you know that we met with the home owners for the project we just finished and they’re really impressed with the vacuum system.

From a dealer in Indiana

Thanks again, you have been very responsive, and I love your products. Even bought one for my Mom last year.


This indeed, was an excellent investment and your product is superb!

Mr. K

I have had this vacuum for 30 years and am almost 80 years old and do not know what I would do with out my CentralVac International built in vac. I need to order more bags–that is all I have ever had to get for my vacuum. I have a cleaning lady as I am almost blind and she cleans everything with it—the floors, beams, drapes etc. You guys are a God-Send–Thank you as I love my vacuum.

From Mrs. Z. in Aurora, Colorado

Just moved into a home with a CentralVac International brand built in. We built a home in So. Carolina a few years ago and installed another brand, said to be the best at that time–well, I love this CentralVac International brand vac–it is much better–I am Sold!!!

Dotti in PA

I have a CentralVac that was installed sometime last summer. Let me tell you that it is the greatest thing. We wonder why we didn’t do it sooner.


Susan from Ohio

I just wanted to jot you a quick note to thank you for all of your help and information today. As you might have guessed, I was already leaning toward a CentralVac based on what I’ve read, but your patience and willingness to answer all of my questions confirmed my inclinations. I appreciate the general design philosophy and emphasis on customer service and satisfaction that CentralVac apparently promotes, so making my final decision was rather easy. It’s great to get straightforward information with no hard-sell tactics.

Tim from PA

We have had a CentralVac International brand built-in vacuum system in our home since 1974 and we LOVE it! We are having a new home built and want a CentralVac International brand built in vacuum system installed!

Thank you for your help and advice!

A Satisfied Client in MI

I just got my system and it arrived just as you promised. You represent the company well and provide excellent advice and great customer service. Thank you for all your help.

A happy customer in Maine

I had one in my first home and one in the home I am in now. We are moving into a new development and insist on having another CentralVac International built in system in my new home also. You know, your systems are a bit more expensive, but you get what you pay for.

A satisfied lifetime customer from California

My mom and dad put a CentralVac International System in their home when they built it 25 years ago. They have never had any trouble with it ever and love it. It is nice to have a dependable and reputable system in her home.

DK in Liberty Hill, TX

I enjoy working with you and your company is most helpful. You are the reason I am in business.

Dealer from Livingston, Montana

Thanks so much for promptly processing the order for attachments. That air-driven hand tool is fabulous! When I asked my husband to try it out, he surprised me by vacuuming all the basement stairs then and there. That alone was worth the price of the tool. It’s going to be great to clean up the dog hair in the car, whenever it’s warm enough to be working outside again.

E-mail from the Internet

I will have one in every home I ever own. They are so Wonderful!!

From Laguna Beach, CA

I’ve tried the others-simply stated-you get what you pay for-your vac’s are the best-nothing else stacks up the them-there is no comparison.

Dealer in California

I just finished installing my new CentralVac, and my house has never been this clean. Industrial strength is right! It took about a weekend to install, and was fairly straight forward to put in. I don’t know how I got along without it. I’ll never live in a house without a CentralVac again.

From Nebraska

I love your systems–will go see Tague’s in Oakland. Why would anyone purchase any other system–the styrene plastic canister is great–not bulky and it is corrosion proof. Also the motor(s) on the exterior of the canister are the only way to go.

From California

I have had my CentralVac since 1976 and I just love it…this thing really vacuums up the dirt! I also clean houses, and when I clean a house that doesn’t have a CentralVac I am lost. People just don’t understand what a good vacuum does for them!

From Indiana

I have had my CentralVac for 28 years, and I haven’t had to do anything except change bags. I am semi retired and building a new house, and will absolutely have a CentralVac in it. When you consider the value you receive over 20 or more years, there is no reason everyone shouldn’t own a CentralVac. My CentralVac is the best thing since peanut butter.

A long time customer in Oregon

My system is 34 years old and I have moved it 3 times. I will never own anything less then a CentralVac brand built in vacuum. I needed to order a new floor brush as mine was “shot” after 34 years.

A satisfied customer from Canyon Country, CA

I have had my system 25+ years and love it! I have never had ANY trouble with it. I show it to ALL my friends and even my Dr. They cannot believe that it has that much power and is that old. My daughter is building a new home and looked at other lines–I want her to have the best! I am a former Home-Ed teacher and we believe that you get what you pay for, and your systems prove that philosophy right again!! We are also building a new 19,000 sq. ft. business and have told the architect that I want a CentralVac International system in it also!!

Flo from Reidsville, NC

I have to tell you guys that my dad in Minnesota just finished his house when I started mine. He put in a NuTone. When came out to help me finish my house he saw my CentralVac International system. Now he is so jealous when he sees how much better mine is. I tell you it really pays to invest in the best!!

Satisfied Customer in Montana

I built this house in 1977 and put this vacuum in and started using it immediately, even abused it with drywall (we do not suggest you use the system to clean up construction debris) and I have never had one bit of trouble till this morning. You have the best vacuums on the market and they are priced fairly. I love it and would recommend them to anyone.

William in Maine