Choosing a CentralVac System

Required Parts

The following items are needed for a functional CentralVac brand built-in vacuum system:

  1. Power Unit (See Choosing a Power Unit below)
  2. Accessory Package
  3. Installation Supplies:

Optional Parts

Here are some options you might want to add:

  1. An extra inlet for the garage Buy Now »
  2. A Garage Accessory Package Buy Now »
  3. A VacuSweep for the kitchen and/or utility room

Choosing a Power Unit

There is not a simple formula for choosing the correct size power unit for your cleaning system. If you live in a high altitude area (5,000 to 7,000+ ft. above sea level), you may need to move to the next larger size power unit, or go with a double motor unit.

Remember, you can never have a power unit that is too big, or have too many inlets in your home!

Area to Be Cleaned (sq. ft) Recommended Power Unit
Commercial Use CVS-19DP
Commercial Use CVS-19
7,000+ CVS-16DP
up to 7,000 CVS-11DP
up to 6,000 CVS-07DP
up to 5,000 CVS-16
up to 4,000 CVS-11
2,000 or less CVS-07

Recommended Number of Inlets

People choose CentralVac because it does a better job. It’s as simple as that. More power is the key. Because the CentralVac is mounted on a wall, unlike portable vacuums, there’s no size or weight limit. The motor can be, and is, much more powerful. Added power means you clean deeper. You remove more dirt and dust, and do it faster.

General Rule: Plan for 1 inlet for every 500 sq ft of cleaning area, and 25′ of pipe per inlet.

Area to Be Cleaned (sq. ft) Recommended Inlets
5,000-6,000 8
4,000-5,000 7
3,000-4,000 5
1,500-3,000 4
1,500 or less 3

Recommended Amount of PVC Pipe

General Rule: Plan to use 25′ of PVC CentralVac Tubing for every one inlet.