Central Vacuum Hose Options

Never worry about the hassle and strain of cleaning again. With several innovative central vacuum hose extensions and various central vacuum hose parts, you can customize your system to accomplish all your cleaning wants and needs. Whether you’re vacuuming out the RV or dusting down the blinds, CentralVac’s unique products make it easy to complete any tidying task.

Here are three leading central vacuum hose parts and extensions:

Dual Voltage Hoses

With several different design features and reliable manufacturing these dual voltage hoses increase the efficiency and value of any central vacuum.

  • 8’ Pigtail Dual Voltage Hose – available in 30-foot and 35-foot options: This hose provides a 8’ pigtail for use in many existing installations where direct connect inlets where not installed and provides powerful, extended cleaning power to virtually any corner in your home. With both low voltage and high voltage wires molded into the design, this hose is created for maximum comfort and ultimate usability.
  • Direct Connect Dual Voltage Hose – available in 30-foot and 35-foot options: Designed to work with Plastiflex brand wands, these hoses connect directly to the hose with prongs that connect in an inlet valve that powers both high and low voltage brushes. Gone are the days of extension cords and ill-constructed hoses; this direct-connect design offers reliable cleaning and comfort.

Low Voltage Hoses

Designed to work with industry standard 1.5-inch built-in vacuum inlets, low voltage hoses provide quality, customary cleaning.

  • Low Voltage Hose 2-Poistion (on/off) Switch – available in 30-foot, 35-foot, 40-foot and 50-foot options: Molded into the design of these low voltage hoses is a wire that is used to turn the system on and off. The bent sleeve provides quality comfort while the 360-degree swivel handle and two-position switch allows for effortless use.

No Voltage Hoses

Go voltage-free with non-electric, no voltage hoses.

  • Non–Electric Hose – available in 30-foot, 35-foot and 50-foot options: This crush-proof design means no tangles and no kinks, allowing you to clean effortlessly wherever, whenever. Simply trim your hose to adjust it to your desired length.

To learn more about central vacuum hoses and extensions, or to purchase additions for your built-in vacuum, visit CentralVac, today.