Double Vac Motors

Bring housecleaning to a whole new level with a central vacuum and powerful double vacuum motors from CentralVac. Visit CentralVac for more today!

We’ve heard the phrase forever: two is better than one. At CentralVac we’ve applied that concept to our central vacuum system by creating a double vacuum motor that works with twice the power and efficiency of a single motor unit.

Why A Double Vacuum Motor?

With a double vacuum motor, you’ll be able to clean your home with three times the power of a traditional portable vacuum, allowing you to reach dirt and grit that’s deeply embedded in your carpet and furniture. Better yet, the double vacuum motor works to completely eliminate all dust, dirt and allergens from your home by extinguishing them outside the confines of your house.

Thanks to a durable, innovative design, the double vacuum motor lasts significantly longer than a traditional vacuum and is proven to require less maintenance and replacements than that of its standard vacuum counterparts. Whether you’re cleaning your carpet, vacuuming out your RV or tackling garage debris, central vac motors are guaranteed to get the job done right with little effort on your part.

Lastly, central vacuum motors are virtually noiseless where you are cleaning. Because they are installed in an out-of-the-way location like a garage, laundry room or basement, noise from the motor is separate from your living space where you are vacuuming.

Get Your Double Vacuum Motor, today!

Contact CentralVac today and discover the power and ease of cleaning with a double vacuum motor CentralVac system. Double your cleaning power and say goodbye to the stress and strain of vacuuming your home.