30 ft Direct Connect Dual Voltage Vacuum Hose


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Product Code: CVH-EE-30-DVHDC


30′ Plastiflex Gas Pump direct connect Dual Voltage hose which connects to the high voltage directly at the inlet (120v). The hose contains both the high voltage (120v) for the electric powered brush and the low voltage (24v) used to turn the system on and off. Both sets of wires are molded into the hose. This hose will work with standard vacuum inlets.

Three position switch: located in hose handle allows for three positions of use: 1.) off 2.) power unit on only 3.) power unit on and electric powered brush on.

The handle features a button lock stub tube and is ergonomically designed for maximum comfort. The handle swivels 360-degrees, so there is no hose kinking. Hose: 1-3/8″ diameter and is crush proof.

**This hose is designed to work with CenTec v.2008 and Plastiflex brand top wands. If you have a wand that is older than the 2008 version of CenTec’s top wand or a different manufacturer, please contact us to order a new top wand.

**This hose is designed to ONLY work with industry standard 1.5″ i.d. built-in vacuum inlets. If you have a Nutone, Sears, Kenmore or Whirlpool brand vacuum, you may have non-industry standard 1.25″ diameter inlets. In this case, please call one of our technical supportt staff at 800-666-3133 for assistance.