360 Direct Connect, Dual Voltage Vacuum Cleaner Accessories Package 35′ Hose (EBK 360)


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Product Code: CVAP-EE-1435DC


The 360 Accessory Package is the best accessory package that we offer. The advanced flat, cogged drive belt is ultra-quiet. This package contains a Plastiflex Gas Pump Handle 30′, 3-position switch, crush proof direct connect hose for the 120v high voltage needed to run the electric powered floor brush. The three position switch is located in the handle for easy operation: 1. Power unit off. 2. Power unit only on. 3. Power unit and electric-powered floor brush on.

The package also includes our top of the line electric powered floor brush which features: cogged quiet drive belt, LED head light, 14″ brush width, height adjustment and a telescoping, quick release metal wand. The quick release wand is great for fast tool attachment for dusting.

Additionally, the package includes a hardwood floor brush, extra wand, hose hanger, crevice tool, dusting brush, tool caddy and a tool holder for the wand.

**This package is designed to ONLY work with industry standard 1.5″ i.d. built-in vacuum inlets. If you have a Nutone, Sears, Kenmore or Whirlpool brand vacuum, you may have non-industry standard 1.25″ diameter inlets. In this case, please call one of our technical support staff at 800-666-3133 for assistance.

Please note: This accessory package does not contain the Soft Clean EBK360 power head.  If you are looking for the Soft Clean powerhead please check out CVAP-EE-1235DC