CVS-07DP Central Vacuum Unit


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Product Code: CVS-07DP


Double motor power unit by CentralVac International. Perfect for large area installations (up to 6000 square feet). Features two, two-stage external motors. The extra motor effectively doubles the CFM or airflow, giving the system almost twice the ability to move dirt and debris. The external motor provides the best possible cooling, substantially increasing the life of the motor. The large capacity canister is made from high quality styrene plastic and will not rust. The system uses a combination of disposable paper and reusable cloth bag filtration.This unit comes with a 90-day money back guarantee, a 7-year limited warranty and a lifetime limited warranty. See warranty card for specific details. 120 volt, 16.0 amps, 84″ IWL, 188 CFM
**Note: Many SKU numbers have been updated to a 3-letter format. For example, CV-07 is now CVS-07.