TK 286 Air Driven Turbo Nozzle


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Product Code: CVT-03-0600


Energy efficient & noise optimized turbo brush for energy saving vacuum cleaners

The TK 286 is the first model of a new generation of Wessel turbo nozzles. It has been designed top to bottom for energy-saving vacuum cleaners. Not only the design makes the difference. Thanks to the new geometry, TK 286 is ideally suited for the use with low-output/energy-saving vacuum cleaners.
This turbo brush features an effective turbine-driven brush even when matched with low airflow. All in all this new Wessel turbo brush is the first choice for carpet cleaning in connection with new vacuum cleaners.

  • Two-tone color design
    The new cover design and bi-coloring set a new optical scale for Wessel turbo brushes and offer an additional flexibility for individual vacuum cleaner styling.
  • Efficient
    The new turbine technology optimizes the TK 286´s power transmission to the brush roller creating a new level of efficiency in turbo brush cleaning.
  • Cleaning flap for easy turbine cleaning.
  • Adjustable airflow valve
    Simply slide the airflow for effective, high rpm, cleaning of even the deepest carpets. This valve ensures continual brush rotation.
  • Adaptable
    The TK 286 can be matched with almost all types of low-energy/eco-friendly cleaners.
  • Four soft rolls