TORNADOPOWER Central Vacuum Maintenance Cloths


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Product Code: CVT-08-0010


Tornado Power Do it Yourself Central Vacuum Maintenance Cloths
Cleans the entire vac system. As the cloth makes its way through the pipes, it helps wipe down the walls of the system’s tubing, while also pushing any dirt and debris through the system and into the canister. Ensuring a clean and trouble-free system. Tests system efficiency. If cloth makes its way into the dirt receptacle, system tests ok. If it does not, there may be a problem with the system. Maintains the entire system. Regular use helps keep system free from debris that can lead to a loss in performance or a blockage (and a service call). Deodorizes the entire system. The cloths fresh scent leaves the hose, pipes and canister smelling clean. Exhausted air also smells fresh and clean. Low cost. TORNADOPOWER cloths are the do-it-yourself solution that costs pennies to use, but can save a customer hundreds of dollars in potential repairs/service.

NOTE:  Tornado Cloths have been discontinued.  We will be sending the Free Flow Cloths as a replacement.