Central Vac Paper Bag Filter 6-Pack (CVB-01-6000)


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Product Code: CVB-01-6000


The disposable 1st Stage Paper Bag Filter comes in a vacuum bag 6 pack — these filters are required for proper operation of the CentralVac International built-in vacuum. Our 6-pack vacuum bag filter products are manufactured with high-quality material, making them more effective and longer lasting than competitors’ bags. Purchase a vacuum bag filter 6 pack today.


Filters fit the following units:


Old part numbers CV-722A, CV722a.

Live Healthier With CentralVac’s 1st Stage Vacuum Bag 6 Pack

Our premium 1st Stage Vacuum Bag 6 pack filters are made from high-quality materials. This allows them to trap more dust and debris while lasting longer. We have worked hard for more than six decades to make your home cleaner and your family healthier. Try our 6-pack vacuum bag filters today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our 1st Stage Vacuum Bag Filter 6 Pack

We understand you may have questions about the CentralVac 1st Stage Vacuum Bag Filter 6 pack. So we have gathered some of the most frequently asked questions we receive from customers and answered them below.

Why Are the CentralVac System 1st Stage Filters Made From Paper?

We use replaceable paper filters to help ensure that no debris or dust can make its way through our CentralVac system. This helps remove more dust from your home, ensuring a cleaner, healthier environment and helping your vacuum motor have a longer life.

Besides the 1st Stage Vacuum Bag Filter 6 Pack, What Other Filters and Bags Do You Offer?

While getting a 1st Stage Vacuum Bag filter 6 pack is a good start, using a CentralVac system requires several different types of bags and filters. Our 2nd Stage cloth filter is made from Filtex fibers and designed to filter out fine dust particles. These filters need to be changed every 5-7 years. Our 4th Stage exhaust central vacuum filter is a two-layer, anti-allergic filter that attaches to any central vacuum exhaust and removes particles all the way down to 1 micron.

Discover the Difference CentralVac Filters Can Make

We know what it takes to clean both your carpets and your environment. Our 1st Stage Vacuum Bag Filter 6 packs provide an essential part of our CentralVac system, which removes more dust and debris from your carpet and air than other vacuum systems. Shop our online store today.

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