Why You Should Invest in a Central Vacuum

If you’ve ever hated lugging a heavy vacuum up a flight of stairs, you’ll understand why vacuuming has long been an odious household chore. The solution has actually been around for decades: Just buy a central vacuum!

The central vacuum is both easy and simple to use, but most people haven’t heard much about them. Central vacuums aren’t advertised frequently because manufacturers make more money selling regular vacuums, however, central vacuums are more affordable than ever. So, if you’ve had enough with complicated extension cords and constantly full canisters, here are the top 5 reasons you should buy a central vac:

Less noise

If you’ve ever had a nap or a favorite TV show interrupted by the roar of a vacuum, you’ll appreciate the quiet hum of a central vacuum. Once you buy a central vac, you’ll be amazed at how silently it operates.


The long pipes of a central vacuum system make it easy to clean the hard-to-reach corners. You can even reach outside your house to clean cars, RVs, and even patio furniture. Whatever your needs, Central Vac has a variety of models to fit your home.

Clean air

Central vacuums funnel away all the dust particles, rather than containing them or spitting some of them back out like standard vacuums. If you have allergies, pass on the antihistamines and try a central vac instead.

Easy installation

Some people think that installing a central vacuum will require a lot of work, like ripping out walls. However, the installation process is very simple, and it usually places pipes in attics or garages where they’re out of the way and don’t require any demolition. It’s much easier than messing with outlets and extension cords on normal vacuums.

Bigger capacity

Standard vacuums have small bags that have to be changed frequently. The canisters in a central vacuum, though, last much longer, which saves you both time and money.

To learn more about how buying a central vacuum could improve your home and your health, contact us at Central Vac today!