Ways to Make Vacuuming Your Home Easier

Most people think there’s no wrong way to vacuum your home. And while that’s technically true, there are certainly ways to make it easier. There are a few tricks you can add to your cleaning repertoire to make vacuuming easier and more effective.

Once is Never Enough

Vacuuming an area once isn’t going to get all the dirt in your carpets. Going over the same area several times in different directions will ensure you get all the dirt, dust, hair, and other yucky things that belong in the garbage, not your carpet.

Remove Small Items

Although you’re using your vacuum to clean up, removing the larger debris beforehand will help you get a better clean. It also prevents debris from getting stuck in the hose of your vacuum, which can affect the suction.

Move the Furniture

You don’t need to move the furniture each time you vacuum, but periodically doing so will ensure your floors are cleaner. It will also help keep dust and hair from building up underneath. This isn’t just the big items either. Smaller tables and chairs should also be moved.

Choose the Right Setting

Your vacuum comes equipped with different settings for different types of floor. Vacuums work great on all types of flooring, as long as you’re using the correct setting for the type of flooring.

Don’t Forget Hard to Clean Areas

Closets, corners, and stairs are notoriously overlooked. Don’t be tempted to do a quick pass. Instead, consider spending a little more time to make sure these areas are kept clean. Like moving the furniture periodically, taking special care to make sure these areas are kept clean will go a long way to keeping the rest of your home cleaner.

Our Central Vac system is designed to keep your home cleaner. By utilizing these tips with your Central Vac, you can make sure your home is free of dirt, dust, dander, hair, and anything else life tracks in. When you’re ready to take your cleaning to a new level, we can show you how.