How a Central Vac System Works

Are you on the market for a new vacuum and considering replacing your old stand-up model with a central vacuum system? Although a more expensive option than the vacuum you can buy at the local big box store, central vac systems offer many benefits for homeowners, primarily in the way these systems function.

Functional and Powerful

Prior to installing a central vac system, you’ll need to take into account the size of your home, which can help you determine how many inlets you’ll need and what length of hose. With the motor mounted in an out-of-the-way location like the garage or basement, and piping for the system running within the walls of your home, dirt is safely transported to the receptacle housing the motor, so dirt particles and dusty air aren’t redeposited into your home.

These mounted motors also allow your central vac system to be more powerful than a stand-up vacuum because they can be larger considering they don’t have to be carried through your home as you vacuum. The motor works to create suction through the central vac pipes, pulling dirt, dust, debris, and anything else you vacuum up into the receptacle. Perhaps best of all is the fact that unlike a stand-up vacuum, the filter and receptacle of a central vac system only need to be cleaned out every few months, meaning you do less work while seeing better results.

Get Cleaning

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