7 Things to Clean Before and After the Holidays

The holidays are filled with shopping, cooking, parties, and traditions—many of which leave their mark on your home. Don’t let the stress of keeping a clean home take away from the joy of the holidays. Follow these cleaning tips and clean these 7 things thoroughly before and after the holidays to keep life simple and orderly.

1. Fridge and freezer

From all of the cooking and baking you do yourself to the treats you receive from your loved ones, your fridge and freezer will be working overtime over the holidays. Prepare your fridge and freezer by cleaning them out to make space and wiping them down to ensure they’re germ-free.

2. Carpets

Parties and guests add up to a lot of foot traffic on your carpets. Plan on cleaning your carpets in the late fall to get them clean before the hustle begins, and expect to have to clean them afterward, as well. Not only will carpets experience some wear and stains from shoes, but it’s likely food and drink will find its way to the carpet, as well.

3. Vacuum

You’re going to be using your vacuum a lot during the holidays, so make sure your vacuum is in tip-top shape and ready for the job. Refer to your owner’s manual to take apart and clean out the various hoses, filters, and canisters.

4. Oven

Get your oven sparkling clean for stress-free holiday baking by cleaning it thoroughly beforehand. Scrape off as much debris as you can and then using a vacuum attachment to get the loose pieces out, and then apply a paste of baking soda and water to loosen the more difficult residue. Expect that all of the holiday baking will probably create another mess that you’ll have to clean again afterward.

5. Bathrooms

Other than your kitchen and living room, your bathrooms will likely get the most attention from your guests during parties. Clean your bathrooms to help your guests feel comfortable when visiting your home.

6. Guest bedroom

If you’re expecting company, get the guest room clean and tidy for your guests. Clean the baseboards with your central vac attachments, get scuffs off the wall, and organize any belongings in there to make it look nice.

7. Car

Your car can also take a beating during the holidays. Hauling kids around, throwing bags and bags worth of gifts and groceries, and not to mention the colder weather all call for a well-maintained vehicle. Vacuum the inside, wipe down the dash and doors, and make sure you get it checked out to ensure it’s ready to face the holiday season and weather.
Make your holiday cleaning easy by cleaning these things before and after the holidays. And don’t forget to buy central vac attachments that will make each job easy and stress-free.