How To Properly Clean Your Stairs

Carpeted stairs add great aesthetic appeal to your home providing color and texture to your space. Carpet also adds tread and provides extra safety. On the other hand, they also get quite the workout and it doesn’t take long before the carpet shows its frequent use. When it comes to keeping carpeted stairs looking clean and new, these high traffic areas require special attention. Here is some step by step advice on how to properly clean your stairs.

Step One: Scrub

Using a hard bristle brush or stiff bristle broom, scrub the area to loosen up the dirt. Start at the top of the stairs and work your way down, that way you are not tracking dirt as you go.

Step Two: Vacuum

Once you have loosened up the dirt on the surface of the carpet, use a vacuum to clean up the debris, and to deep clean the carpet. A standard vacuum can be difficult to maneuver up and down stairs. Use a vacuum that is smaller and lightweight if you can.

Step Three: Shampoo

Using a clean scrub brush, apply a mixture of carpet shampoo and warm water. Hand scrubbing is the best method for effective spot treatment. Once you have thoroughly scrubbed the fibers, paying special attention to heavily soiled areas, take a clean dry cloth and dab the wet carpet to soak up excess water.

Step Four: Dry

Allow the carpet to dry completely—this can take up to 12 hours. The fastest way to dry carpet is to use a carpet cleaner to soak up the water, then use a dry towel to pat out the damp areas, and then allow the carpet to air dry the rest of the time.

Step Five:

Once the carpet is completely dry, vacuum the carpet a final time to give the carpet that polished look.

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