Central Vacuum System Parts

Central Vacuum System Parts

More and more people are adopting built-in central vacuum systems for their ease of use and improved efficiency, with the market size expected to grow to $948.9 million by 2030. Whether you’ve already made the switch or you’re getting ready to, you should know what central vacuum parts make up the entire system.

We typically state that choosing a CentralVac system requires these parts: a power unit, installation supplies and an accessory package. While that’s true, we’ll break this down even further, describing the essential, customizable and maintenance parts for central vacuum systems.

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Essential Central Vacuum System Parts

The essential central vacuum system parts are those required to make it work. These include the following:

  • Power Unit
  • Installation Supplies (Inlet Valves, Pipes)
  • Hoses

Power Unit

The power unit is the most important of all central vacuum parts — it makes the entire system work. As the beating heart of the system, the power unit is installed away from your living spaces, typically in a basement, utility room, garage or similar area. It should not be installed in an attic or any room that experiences high temperatures, like one containing a furnace.

Sitting stationary in its installed location, the power unit contains the motor and the receptacle for dust, dirt and debris. The size of your home or building determines how large your power unit needs to be.

Installation Supplies

Generally, central vacuum installation supplies include the inlet valves installed throughout the house and the pipes or tubes that connect those valves to the power unit. There may also be related parts, fittings or accessories.

Roughly the same size as an electrical outlet, an inlet valve can be installed in every room and hallway — or less if you place them in areas that can accommodate different spaces. The size of your house will give you an idea of how many of these central vacuum parts you need. Rule of thumb says one inlet valve per about 600 square feet.

The pipes/tubing, and the wiring that follows it, will run through your walls, floors, crawl spaces and other unseen locations to connect each inlet valve to your main power unit. Roughly 25′ of pipe per inlet valve is recommended.

If you’re using direct connect inlets, you also need to provide 120v power to the inlet for the powerhead.


Central vacuum system hoses are the parts that actually do the vacuuming. They connect directly to the inlet valves and have a suction hole on the end that vacuums up dirt and sends it to the receptacle on the power unit. Hoses come in various lengths with different features and formats to suit your system and your other central vac parts.

Customizable Central Vac Parts

Numerous central vacuum parts let you customize your system to suit your space. At CentralVac, we combine many of these essential parts into our central vacuum accessory packages. Options include:

  • Hose attachments in different shapes (e.g., crevice tools)
  • Various tools
  • Alternate carpet brushes
  • Extension cords
  • Wands
  • Hose hangers
  • Crush-proof hoses

Additionally, there are optional parts available that allow you to access the central vacuum in a garage.

Hose Parts For Central Vacuum Systems
Central Vacuum Parts

Maintenance Parts for Central Vacuum Systems

Even though they’re more durable and longer lasting than traditional portable vacuum cleaners, you’ll need maintenance and upkeep parts for central vacuum systems. You must have proper central vacuum bags to trap the dust and dirt removed from your floors.

Furthermore, you’ll need central vacuum filters to keep those fine particles out of your environment. The filter and receptacle will only need to be cleaned every few months, which is less often than standard vacuums. High-quality filters help give central vacuum systems their reputation for improving air quality.

While your central vacuum will likely remain in working order for a long time, something may go wrong that requires repair. At CentralVac, you can purchase individual repair parts for central vacuum systems to ensure you keep getting a powerful clean for many years.

Get the Central Vacuum System Parts You Need at CentralVac

Whether you already love the advantages central vacuums offer or you’re just setting up your system, you can find all the central vacuum parts you need at CentralVac. Since 1954, we’ve helped people keep their homes tidy while saving them time and effort — and making their air cleaner. For all your central vacuum system parts, you deserve the best — choose CentralVac.

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