How to Install a Central Vacuum

Learning how to install a central vacuum in your home might sound daunting, but it is actually a straightforward process. A central vacuum can be installed in an existing home, so you can enjoy all the benefits of a system that connects every room in your home to a quiet, efficient vacuum. With a little planning, detailed instructions on product packaging, and all the advice you need from Central Vac, you will have your system installed and operational in no time.

For installing a central vacuum, you will need several tools including a drill, hole cutting bits or saws, wire cutters, screwdrivers, measuring tape, and utility knives. Materials include plastic piping and joints, electrical tape, mounting brackets, and screws. Remember safety glasses, and be sure to check for the locations of electrical wiring before cutting into walls.

Determine the location and install the power unit and canister

The first step is to decide where to put the central unit. The most common locations are in the basement or the garage. How to install a central vacuum in the garage is relatively straightforward. You want a location that is accessible for service but also away from living space so you can enjoy the quiet that using a central vacuum offers. The unit cannot be installed in attics or areas with high temperatures like furnace rooms.

Determine the locations for the inlet valves

The next step involves planning for the inlet valves throughout your house. You can put one in every room and hallway, or you can decide to install fewer inlets that are capable of reaching multiple rooms. Installing the inlet valves is similar to installing power outlets with instructions on the packaging.

Plan and install the tubing system

Routing the tubing system is a key part of knowing how to install a central vacuum. The system can run through walls, floors, or crawl spaces. A combination of these routes might be necessary for your home. This will involve cutting into floors and drywall and running the tubing throughout your home.

Test the system

Once you have followed all the steps and instructions that came with the products, it is time to test the system. If you have any questions before or during the installation process, feel free to contact Central Vac anytime.