What is a Central Vacuum?

You may have heard of a central vacuum, or central vac as they are commonly called. You’ve also likely heard that central vacuums are great, but there are many people who don’t quite know what they are. So, what is a central vacuum? There are a few misconceptions about central vacs, but once you know more about them, you will probably want to know how to get one for your home!

A central vacuum is essentially a vacuum that is installed in your home that can be accessed in any room. Sound confusing? It’s actually pretty simple. The main component of a central vacuum, the vacuum unit, is installed somewhere in the home away from the living space. This can be in the basement or garage, for example. From there, pipes or tubes are run through the walls, floors, or crawl spaces of the home to connect each room in the house to the main vacuum unit.

The Advantages of a Central Vacuum

A central vacuum has many advantages. First, once it is installed, it is accessible from anywhere in your house. All you have to do is plug a vacuum hose or attachment into a wall inlet, and the system automatically starts working. You can vacuum that room and anything that the hose can reach. You can even get a system with hoses that extend out of the wall inlet and slip right back into the wall when you are done.

The second advantage of a central vacuum is the lack of noise. Since the main vacuum unit is in the garage or basement, you hear virtually nothing as you vacuum each room.

Another bonus is that you don’t have to lug a heavy vacuum around the house. This is especially helpful in homes with stairs.

Finally, central vacuums are low-maintenance. They are virtually dust-free, and they are much easier to install than you might think. In fact, a central vacuum can cost less than a high-end traditional vacuum.

If learning about central vacuums piqued your interest, contact us at Central Vac today for more information and to find out how a central vacuum can add to your home.