Get A Better Clean for Your Car With These Great Vacuum Attachments

People spend a lot of time in their cars, and the dirt and debris can pile up inside, particularly when there are children and pets involved. Regular vacuuming will help keep the surface grime in check, but central vacuum attachments from Central Vac will help you achieve a deep clean. Hang a “new car smell” tree from your rearview mirror, and you will feel like you just drove off the lot!

The Upholstery Tool

These central vacuum attachments are ideal for loosening dirt and pet hair. You can remove the brush to clean up stubborn areas.

TIP: Spray your upholstery with Static Guard before vacuuming to make it easier to remove hair and fur.

The Crevice Tool

If you have children, then the crevice tool central vacuum attachment is a must. This 9 ½ inch wand is perfect for getting those french fries and Cheerios out of the crevice of the seats. It also works exceptionally well for vacuuming between the seats and around the console.

The Micro Tools

The micro tools include an oval mini brush, a small round brush, a micro crevice tool, and extenders. These central vacuum attachments are perfect for you to use to clean your air vents and use the crevice tool to remove settled dust from your map pockets, as well as the many other small spaces in your automobile.

Make the most of your central vacuuming system with these and other useful and innovative central vacuum attachments from Central Vac. Contact us today for more information!