5 Attachments You Didn’t Know We Had

You need the right tools for a job, and that goes for vacuuming your home as well. A central vacuum system provides ease of use room-by-room and gives you a more thorough clean by whisking the dirt away to a central location. To really clean every nook and cranny, try our central vacuum attachments.

The Fleece Upholstery Tool

Your furniture is a big investment, and you need to treat it with tender loving care. The Fleece Upholstery central vacuum attachment provides an even clean and protects fabric with gentle fleece pads.

The Mini Blind Tool

Homeowners and mini blinds: a love-hate relationship. Love the blinds, hate to clean them. The Mini Blind central vacuum attachment has multiple fingers that can gently clean many rows at a time.

The Pet Grooming Brush

Tired of chasing pet puffs around the house? Remove loose hair while spoiling your fur baby with a nice rub down with the pet grooming brush central vacuum attachment. The rubber bristles can be removed for easy cleaning.

The Swivel Neck Hardwood Floor Tool

Gently clean your precious hardwood floors with this central vacuum attachment that can swivel from side-to-side and up and down. It can also be used on other hard surfaces like ceramic tile.

The Spider Fighter

If creatures of the 8-legged variety are not on your list of favorite things, then the spider fighter suite of tools is a must for you. 4 wands can be pieced together to give you 5 feet of reach, so you no longer need to get up close and personal with those scary beasts. In addition to its tremendous spider fighting and web-eliminating potential, these central vacuum attachments can be used to clean ceiling fans, light fixtures, and crown molding.

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