How to Keep Your Central Vacuum Clean and Organized

Have you ever had the misfortune of using an old, poorly-working vacuum that stinks up the whole space anytime you use it? Just like any piece of equipment, a central vacuum has the potential to become ineffective and obsolete.

Fortunately, there are a few easy tricks you can do to avoid such a scenario. By simply keeping your unit clean and organized, you can cut cleaning time, ensure optimal performance, and even extend the life of your equipment. For a central vacuum that works like new, follow these tips from the experts!

Protect Your Hose

You can expect wear and tear on your corrugated hose as it rubs against the edges and corners of your home. Keep your hose in pristine condition with a Zippered Vacuum Hose Sock! This soft padded sock for your central vacuum hose is a snap to install and it protects against typical abrasion.

Clean and Deodorize

Over time, your central vacuum will become less effective as it acquires a buildup of dirt, dander, and debris. You can prevent this common problem by using our TORNADOPOWER Central Vacuum Maintenance Cloths to clean and deodorize the inside of your unit! These nifty cloths wipe down the internal walls of the system’s tubing, dislodge dirt and debris, test your system’s efficiency, and deodorizes the hose, pipes, and canister.

Organize Storage

Central Vac offers dozens of attachments and accessories for your central vacuum that are designed to improve the quality, convenience, and performance of your unit. Instead of a cluttered closet scattered with different pieces, store all of your central vacuum equipment and attachments in an organized and efficient manner.

Our Wand Tool Caddy is a black attachment that holds up to three tools and snaps right onto the wand, so you can carry your different brushes or accessories with you as you vacuum without having to return to your supply to restock.

For additional storage, our Wall Tool Caddy is the perfect solution to organize your central vacuum equipment. Fill it up and hang it on your wall hose hanger!

You don’t have to let standard use break down your central vacuum. Keep your unit working like new with a few low-cost products and accessories from our online store!