How to Clean Your Blinds and Shutters

Are you looking for a better way to clean your blinds and shutters? Given the various surfaces on each window covering, cleaning just one set of blinds or shutters can feel like a daunting task. Here are 3 simple things you can do to make performing this task that much easier.

1. Brush or Upholstery Attachment

These central vac attachments tend to be gentle and offer the perfect solution for ridding your blinds and shutters of dust and dirt. Simply connect the attachment, run your central vac over your shutters or blinds, and the job is done. Plus, you’ll have the added benefit of easy access to your vacuum to make sucking up any dust that might fall from the window coverings easy.

2. Microfiber Towel or Duster

Microfiber is ideal when you’re looking to remove dust without a lot of effort. Run a microfiber towel or duster over your blinds and watch the dust hold tight to the rag, making cleaning your shutters a one-step process.

3. Paintbrush and Warm Water

Yes, you read that right—a paintbrush can be very helpful when dealing with blinds or shutters that are really dirty. Dip the paintbrush in hot soapy water, or even just plain water, and scrub the dirt, grime, and dust away. Be sure to dry blinds when clean. Bonus tip—run a dryer sheet along your blinds to make cleaning your blinds that much easier in the future.

We Can Help!

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