Your Guide to Cleaning Drapes

Drapes are a central focus point in a room, so keeping them clean is a must. Nothing can bring a living room down like curtains in need of a cleaning. Not sure how to tackle your dingy drapes? We’ve got you covered. Read on for a quick primer on how to clean drapes.

Determine the Damage

Before you can start cleaning your drapes, you need to assess the damage. Are they stained? Faded? Covered in dust? All of the above? Check the care tags to for specific instructions on how to wash stains out of your drapes. If you aren’t sure, opt for dry cleaning. If your curtains are covered in a layer of dust, vacuum off the debris, wash (or dry clean), and set up a regular care routine.

Wash at Home

If you determine that your dirty or stained drapes can be safely washed at home, follow these steps to keep them safe and get them clean.

  1. Pull out your central vacuum and use a soft brush attachment to remove dust.
  2. Wash the panels two at a time on a cold-water, delicates setting.
  3. Hang to dry.
  4. While the curtains are still damp, iron them to remove wrinkles.
  5. Before replacing the curtains, vacuum dust around the window and clean off any hardware.

Routine Care

After you’ve cleaned your drapes, commit to a regular cleaning routine. Remove dust at least twice per month with your Central Vac’s soft brush attachment. Make sure to vacuum the floors or walls around the window to remove any dust you dislodged while working with the drapes. During warm weather, occasionally remove your window treatments and let them air out in the sun, or run them through your dryer on a delicate cycle.

Your Central Vac and its attachments are key to keeping your drapes clean and your house looking fresh and tidy. Along with maintaining your window treatments, your Central Vac and complementary products will make cleaning floors, windows, furniture, bookshelves, and more a simple part of your tidying up routine.

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