5 Quick Fixes for a Cleaner Home

Are you starting to feel overwhelmed by clutter and tight spaces in your home? It might be time for a fresh new look — but there’s no need to rush out and invest in new furniture or extensive renovations. A few simple tweaks to your routine and room decor can make your house feel more open and clean.

You’ll feel more comfortable and peaceful at home with your family — and when friends come to visit — when you follow these tips for a cleaner home.

Clear the Papers: Stacks of bills, magazines, junk mail, school permission forms, and more can be stressful to look at, both for you and your guests. The best solution is to deal with each paper or piece of mail as it comes in — pay your bill the day it arrives then toss it out, for example. At the very least, designate an out-of-sight spot to stick your papers until you are ready to tackle them.

Use Good Scents: A fresh smell adds an extra touch of order and cleanliness to a home. Light a candle, plug-in air fresheners, or add some potted flowers to bring the good scents into your house. Pick scents that are mild and natural.

Go Green: Replace some of the knick-knacks crowding your shelves with live plants in simple pots. Greenery brings life into a room and makes it feel more inviting. If you’re worried about keeping them alive, ask for low maintenance at the nursery.

Look Outward: Pull furniture away from the wall and face seating toward the window. Make sure no one is stuck staring at an empty wall — and each week, vacuum the space behind the furniture and clean the windows to maximize the fresh vibes.

Build Upward: Another way to make a small room feel spacious is to draw the eye upward and use your vertical space. Choose furniture with legs and make use of tall bookshelves. Another simple trick is to place your drapes slightly above and wider than the window edges.

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