The Best Way to Clean your Baseboards

When was the last time you cleaned your baseboards? If you can’t remember, then it’s time for a refresher course on the proper way to keep those baseboards looking perfect. While there is no wrong way to clean them, we’ve come up with a fool-proof method that will get them looking good in no time. Cleaning baseboards isn’t glamorous but it can go a long way to keeping your rooms looking clean and tidy.

Perfectly cleaned baseboards start with your Central System Vacuum. Removing dust is the first step to cleaning baseboards, especially if it’s been a while or there is quite a bit of buildup. Using your vacuum will remove the drier surface dirt and debris, making it easier to wipe the baseboards down later and will remove the dust instead of just moving it around. Vacuuming your baseboards is an easy way to do a quick clean up to keep your baseboards looking pristine.

After you’ve vacuumed the baseboards, next grab your favorite type of melamine sponge (like a Magic Eraser) and a bucket of soapy water. The melamine sponges are great for getting rid of smudges or marks caused by shoes, chair legs and other furniture. Just don’t scrub too hard or you might take the paint off the baseboard accidentally.

One trick that people swear by is finishing up by wiping the baseboards down with a dryer sheet. The dryer sheet’s anti-static properties help keep your baseboards cleaner longer by helping the baseboards repel dust. Using dryer sheets won’t do the job entirely, especially if the baseboards have a lot of buildup or scuff marks, but they are a great last step to keep your baseboards looking better in between cleanings.

If you have more ornate baseboards, sometimes a sponge or dryer sheet can’t reach some spaces, especially corners. That’s where Q-Tips come in handy. A wet Q-Tip can navigate into those hard-to-reach places to get all the dirt and grime away.
Cleaning your baseboards may seem like some form of punishment, but it doesn’t have to be. Your Central System Vacuum makes it easier than ever before to do a thorough deep cleaning or a quick clean when you have guests coming over.