Tips for Cleaning Your Ceiling Fans

Cleaning off your ceiling fans is important because when the first really hot day rolls around and you flip on the fan, the collected dust on top of the blades will be flung around the room, which can trigger hay fever and allergies. Use these simple methods to prevent that.

The Simple Vacuum-and-Wipe Method

First, to catch the dust, lay down some old towels or rags below where you’ll clean. You can shake them off later. Move a chair or step ladder under the fan, if necessary, if you’re not on a bed. Put on eye protection, such as sunglasses, and even a dust or surgical mask, if you have one.

Get your central vacuum cleaner and a brush attachment ready. If it’s not long enough, very carefully climb up on your ladder or chair. Use the brush attachment to suck up the big pieces of dust. Then, take off the brush attachment and use the vacuum hose to clean the dust off of your brush.

Now, clean the remaining dust off the bottom and top of the blades with a slightly damp paper towel or cloth–or a surface wipe.

The Pillowcase Alternative

If you’re able to reach the fan blades easily, you can also try the pillowcase method. It might still be worth cleaning the blades with the vacuum cleaner first. Get a dry pillowcase, or you can use a damp one–or spray the inside with a degreaser. Then, wrap the pillowcase around one of the fan blades. Wrap your hands around the blade through the case and slide it to the end so you drop all the dust into the pillowcase. Then, repeat this on each blade!

If you didn’t use a damp pillowcase, still finish each blade with a slightly damp paper towel or cloth–or a surface wipe. Finally, you’ll have to take the pillowcase outside to a trash can, turn it inside out, shake it off, and then wash it inside out.

Either of these methods should only take you about five minutes to complete and hopefully is easier than your old method.

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